This blogpost intends to outline the need for continuous learning as the key to long term success because your own experiences and even intelligence aren’t enough as the basis to make sound judgement. Reading allows knowledge to build exponentially because it benefits from compounding. I share a list of books recommended by friends that might be of interest to you.

The Realisation

You wake up. It’s Sunday 30th April 2028. It’s your 30th birthday. You look back on the last seven years and count the number of books you’ve read. You can count them on your fingers. Yet nearly 40%…

My third blogpost aims to present the idea that you are not fully in control of the way you react to stressful situations. Your brain reacts automatically by releasing hormones before you even have a chance to think about it. We can employ a trick involving body posture and a bounce-back mindset to leverage our natural brain chemistry in our favour. It draws mostly on “12 Rules For Life” by Jordan Peterson who I met a couple of years ago and describes a way I used this trick before my Cambridge interview.


A man dressed in a lobster suit…

This blogpost intends to outline the effort:reward framework to assess new opportunities that may arise in life and describes one way I used this framework when deciding whether to launch a charity initiative in my final year of university which eventually went on to raise over £47k.

The Interview

“So what do you make of the campaign so far?” It was a journalist who posed this question. This was my first interview I had ever done. It was with the BBC. The director of communications at Cambridge had got in touch with them the week before to organise the interview…

This blogpost intends to outline the principle of “non-negotiability” in order to help achieve your goals and describes my experience of using this technique to help achieve my goal of running 500km in 2020.

40x Makes a Habit

“You’ve missed 40 classes” said my teacher. I was puzzled. I had missed the previous week due to other commitments but that was only once. “The great scholars used to say that it takes 40 days (/times) to make something a habit, but missing just one is as though you have missed doing that thing 40 times”. This was from a Saturday…

Zehn Mehmood

I studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge. I am currently working in investment banking in M&A advisory.

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